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Kit Perfect for Brick Repairs


A controlled amount of our dry colorant is
combined with water to create a slurry. The
water acts as a carrying agent and allows the
colored slurry to be pulled into the masonry
because of its absorption capability. When the
water evaporates the bonding chemical
changes from a liquid to a solid form (both
physically and chemically), locking itself into
the face/pore structure of the masonry.
Because the mineral oxides are very similar to
the structure of the masonry, the surface is
not sealed and remains breathable, absorbent, and completely natural looking.

Masonry surfaces that have been color
enhanced with our product have a natural,
shine-free appearance. Our product is
translucent and the background color can play a
part. For example, if you want to change a red
brick to orange, add yellow colorant to the
brick. When dried, the yellow blends with the
red and turns the brick orange.


Dry Colorant Powders

Note: DO NOT apply pigments if the outside temperature is below 40 degrees (F) or is expected to dip below 32 degress (F) within a 24 hour period after application .​

The Colorant Kit will cover 100 to 250 sq ft depending on the mix used and the work being done.  All five colors can be easily reordered. 20+ additional colors available if needed.

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